Teresa, sister of the outcast

4untitledSunday, September 4, 2016, Mother Teresa of Calcutta will be proclaimed a saint by Pope Francis. We are waiting for this day for a long time!

Mother Teresa of Calcutta was one of the most loved figures of the twentieth century, the founder of a congregation whose mission was to serve the poorest of the poor, a congregation started in 1950 in Calcutta, where the bleakest poverty exists and where the poorest died – and still risk dying – helpless in the streets.

I still remember her characteristic gesture of leaning slightly forward, the palms of her hands together. Her face a network of wrinkles. Her body frail and twisted, increasingly stiff as the years passed, yet animated by a surprising, mysterious vitality.

Teresa, sister of the outcast. A woman who put the dream of God in the hearts of men. A woman who was on all the front lines of social and ecclesiastical life for over fifty years, who stood up for life, the dignity of women, the protection of God’s creation, love of the poor and the outcast, boldly doing the impossible every day.

During these years I have written many pages about Mother Teresa, in books, articles and online. But I felt the need to speak of the intimacy that lay deep within her. I felt the need to dig deep into the mystery of her life, to shine a light on the darkest and most hidden mysteries, and to find there the supernatural secret, the essence of her soul, that almost dazzling, yet so peaceful, beauty of her holiness.

I too am among those who crossed Teresa’s path one day, and felt her irresistible spiritual charm. Mother Teresa of Calcutta came into my life when I was not yet 18, and she had an enormous influence on my soul. For me she was a guiding light. Her every word, her every action expanded within my being, giving me a feeling of joy and freedom.

Every time I listened to her I was fascinated: my thoughts found their home in her words.

Like everyone else, I found in her the greatest wonder of life, the reason it was worth living and its meaning, an exalted meaning of which we perceive only the tiniest part, limited as we are by our human nature and all too often incapable of making sense of the vast mystery of existence, of its boundless beauty.

Therefore I wrote this book with great humility, aware of the fact that human words cannot suffice to tell the complete story of what and who Mother Teresa truly was.

My new book “Teresa of Calcutta – The Novel of a Soul” is available in English, Spanish and Italian all over the world, in kindle edition and paperback on Amazon.

I will be very happy to hear your comments on this book! 🙂

Here’s the link to buy it or give it away.

front cover teresa of calcutta
The Novel of a Soul

by Maria Amata Di Lorenzo

available in English

(also published in Spanish and Italian)



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