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In presenting myself I often say that I am a worker specialized in the maintenance of dreaming heads. It represents me well, I think. The dream has always been part of my life. The dream, the imagination, the sensitivity. They have nourished the romantic soul that I carry inside me up to today. My name is Maria Amata Di Lorenzo and I am an author (of books, articles, essays, texts for theater and cinema) for a quarter of a century now. It has a certain effect to say it, but it is so. I began very young, with a great passion inside, and it is a passion that I still keep, even though over the years it has expanded to include other things.

In fact, my life could be divided into two phases. In the first I studied humanistic subjects and those aimed at becoming a professional in communication. I obtained a first degree in Modern Literature and I worked for several years in journalism and publishing, gaining in the meantime specific skills in digital marketing that have led me over the years to become an expert in digital communication strategies, choosing to work with integrity and according to the principles of ethical marketing.

I was very young when I published my first book, it was a collection of verses, which had wonderful reviews and got the encouragement of Gesualdo Bufalino, very important for me to move forward and believe in the value of my writing.

Many books have been released after that positive debut, and my texts have been translated into many languages ​​up to now: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Czech and Slovenian.

For me, writing is the moment of maximum freedom, it is pure happiness. It is my natural dimension, in which I feel totally in tune with myself and the world. All our life is a journey towards ourselves, writing for me is the way back.

I have been writing for many years and I cultivate my literary vocation as an inner search, as an ethical, spiritual dimension, related to the deepest instances of my soul and not to the commercial logics of the publishing world.

But writing is not my only field. In the second part of my life, in fact, I wanted to give voice to my deepest passions and I began to study seriously, specializing as a therapist in the field of psychobiological counseling and mind-body healing techniques.

Writing, communication and ethical marketing, on the one hand, and psychology, natural health and neurosciences, on the other, are my fields of interest, preparation, application and study, which involve me every day. In particular, then, I am interested in the therapeutic power of creativity and themes such as psychic development, personal growth, spirituality and positive thinking. Things that I have experienced and which I experience with great satisfaction in my daily life. I am also a passionate student of metaphysics, because I like to go beyond the superficial veil of things and understand the mysteries of existence.

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The most desired thing, the most precious goal of my life has a name and is called Harmony. I seek harmony in all human relationships, inside and outside of me, in every aspect of life, as the most tangible sign of Beauty.

In my free time I really like to immerse myself in nature, far from the frenetic and competitive life of big cities. I have published many books and written many stories, but the thing I love most is being able to help others to be happier by discovering and enhancing their spiritual and creative potential.

Also for this reason I created my blog. The world of Maria Amata is my digital home. A place to narrate and meet with others, where to get involved and share emotions, fears, dreams. A workshop of personal writing and self-knowledge, which I imagine as a comfortable and light-filled place, like a well lit and warm corner of the house…

I opened my house-blog to create bridges of friendship. I believe in dialogue and sharing. I believe in the culture of encounter, according to the idea that “anyone has something good to give and anyone can receive something in return” (Jorge M. Bergoglio).

What else?

I love music, chess and good food. I enjoy experimenting with new recipes and while I’m preparing them I always get a lot of writing ideas, so I always have a notebook with me while I’m trafficking in the kitchen.

Often in presenting myself I say that I am a worker specialized in the maintenance of dreaming heads… and the rest will be discovered by you a little at a time following my activities, reading my books and browsing this blog 🙂








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A love story between a woman and a man, between a mother and her children, between a Sicilian and her sublime and sacrosanct homeland. While everything comes to pass and every certainty crumbles, only love remains.

The novel ‘Don’t let me go away’ is a wonderful and powerful story of a mother. And of a daughter who runs away without knowing that her destiny is to love her mother and the story her mother wants to tell her. Becoming reconciled with the idea that each of us does not really enter into the meaning of existence if he (or she) does not accept other people, unless he loves his mistakes. Maria Amata Di Lorenzo gives us the voice of an intense woman, which is composed, poetic. A melody that unfolds majestically, revealing little by little the complexity of human relationships, our expectations, the love that cannot be fulfilled until after an entire story to tell. With a language that is correspondence, chronicle of the sixties, and rhythmical review of changing life, it marks the heart of the reader, remains there and takes root… – Simona Lo Iacono from the blog Letteratitudine

This book, which touches the heartstrings of your soul, speaks of a painful journey back into the memories of a lifetime, to tell, without shame or prejudice, to an angry and estranged daughter, from an open heart, of those emotions petrified in the evolution of a life, often more spectator than protagonist, of broken dreams and dashed expectations, now hardened and disenchanted. All with a careful eye, lightness of touch and an incredibly realistic fifty years of history to frame it. This book is pure poetry. You have to read it. It’s amazing!!! – Donald, verified Amazon customer



599015_238199792949673_1941968596_nWhy I write

‘Is life to be lived or to be written?’ asked Luigi Pirandello, then to reply, ‘I have never lived, if not by writing…’.

I have asked myself the same, many times, in these years, and I have never known, I cannot answer other than say that I was born with an endowment that is at certain times as inviting as the clearest star in the sky, at others oppressive as the blackest night.

But it is the imprint of a fate, my own, for which I write as a child repeating a song of an evening, in a hushed voice and with clenched fists, to ward off the approach of darkness.

So I take in my hands my pen or mouse and I write what I would not be able to tell to anyone.



1452186_416390305130620_1451445999_n (2)WHO IS MARIA AMATA?


Maria Amata Di Lorenzo is an author of books, articles, essays, texts for theater and cinema. Her works to date have been disseminated in eight languages. Her blog The world of Maria Amata is currently available on the web in Italian, English, French and Spanish.

She has achieved  a degree in Modern Literature with honors, with subsequent specialization in Journalism in Urbino, and worked for several years as a journalist in national newspapers (press and TV) and in the publishing world as a consultant, author of books and creative writing teacher, acquiring in the meantime specific skills in digital marketing that have led her over the years to become an expert in digital communication strategies, choosing to work with integrity and according to the principles of ethical marketing.

She started very early to publish short stories, poems and essays, winning several national literary competitions with her texts. Very young, she published her first book, it was a collection of verses (currently merged in the poetic work Journeying without leaving home) which had wonderful reviews and got the encouragement of Gesualdo Bufalino. After that positive debut, many other books have been published and her texts have been translated into English, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Czech and Slovenian.

Her works include the novel Don’t let me go away, very appreciated by Italian readers and published in English in 13 Countries, the literary essay The Light and the Cry. An introduction to the poetry of Elio Fiore, dedicated to one of the most expressive Italian poets of the late twentieth century, and the collections of verses Time that today sleeps within your heart and Journeying without leaving home (Poetry 1980-2015). 

She also published: Name in code: Teresina – The novel of Thérèse of Lisieux, Teresa of Calcutta – The Novel of a Soul (published in Italian, English and Spanish edition), and the gallery of female portraits Mystical and Holy and Free Women of God, thirty-five portraits of extraordinary women who made history with their faith and their loving madness. In 2018 will be released the fourth volume of the series, The Road of Jorge, dedicated to the long “journey” of Pope Francis from Buenos Aires to the throne of Peter.

Writing occupies an important place in the life of Maria Amata Di Lorenzo but it is not her only field. In the second part of her life, in fact, Maria Amata wanted to give voice to her deepest passions (which are psychology, natural health and neuroscience) and she went back to studying seriously at university and post-graduate level specializing as therapist in psychobiological counseling and mind-body healing techniques.

She studied Humanistic Counseling and Music Therapy, then she followed courses of Non-Verbal Communication and Neurolinguistic Programming, Scientific Naturopathy and Chromotherapy, and then specialized in Life Coaching at psychobiological level, and is currently perfecting herself as a Scientific Consultant and Psycho-biological Wellness Trainer. She also obtained the preparation in Assertiveness Coaching, for emotional management of family, affective and professional conflicts.

Therapist in continuous training, according to the good principles of “life-long learning”, she is particularly interested in the therapeutic power of creativity and in themes such as psychic development, personal growth, spirituality and positive thinking.

A passionate student of metaphysics and an expert in health psychology, energy medicine and spiritual counseling, Maria Amata helps people to discover and put into practice their creative potential and inner wisdom for their personal growth and self-healing. She is present on Facebook, and you can also find her on YouTube with her video channel, she is also on Linkedin, Google+ and on Twitter. Her blog in English is this: https://theworldofmariamata.wordpress.com


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